This is the post I referred to earlier about the Cotton Ceiling. Very interesting stuff.

a gentleman and a scholar

Roz Kaveney wrote a fantastic blog on the ‘cotton ceiling’ this morning – to wit: “…the Cotton Ceiling – with reference to knickers – is the term parts of the trans community have inventively adopted for the way that, however theoretically accepting of trans people a lot of progressives may be, when it comes to actually having sex with us, they vote with their …um…feet.” “An example of a wider cissexist trend that not only affects trans women” (thank you, @cayleehogg!), I thought I’d chime in from a genderqueer/androgynous perspective.


I can’t speak for every person who moves through life in a way not traditionally encompassed by the words ‘man’ or ‘woman’ but, for me, this post, this phrase, hit home in a way that brought tears to my eyes.


A popular phrase used to describe the difference between sexuality and gender/sex is “your sexuality is who you…

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