Ode to Marriage Equality


Equal marriage by 2015

A battle won and an achievement seen

The Tory Right on Election Night

Blamed gay marriage for their plight

They used us as their scapegoats

Told the country we lost them votes

Nadine Dorries said “Cameron, change tack

Or by Christmas face the sack!”

I thought love was patient and love was kind.

But on that part of the Bible the Tory Right are far behind

Their stance on equal marriage fills me with disgust

Nothing more than scapegoating and bloodlust


We are not asking for gold or taking bribes

All we want is equality of experience in  our lives

Where’s the romance in civil partnership?

It’s legalistic that’s the truth and that’s it.

Where is your evidence that gay marriage does not make sense?

We are being persecuted having committed no crime nor offence

Jesus would want it too

The Pharisees would not that’s true.

Let us hope for Equal Marriage by 2015

An objective won, justice seen.

Obama supports it, did you see?

It’s made America overjoyed with glee.

What about being Gay in the UK?

Equal marriage David Cameron in your sight?

Or are you scared of the Tory right?

© Hannah Buchanan 2012


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