A Quick Heads Up

Firstly, can I begin by saying a massive thank you to all my readers for their support, retweets and compliments about the blog. It really, truly means a lot.

I think all writers would agree that they are nothing whatsoever without your readers. Everyone has a different approach, but mine is always to try to get under the skin of, and demonstrate and articulate the passions around issues being discussed. Also, I like to take the temperature of an issue and represent as much as possible what people may be thinking.

There is no denying that the recent glut of transphobia in the media has been depressing and demoralising, and I shall ,always be an ardent campaigner against it.

However I am conscious that any writer and any writing outlet, needs light and shade, and I do love my life and I am really happy. So to that end, I shall be starting a series. I dreamt the idea up in bed on Thursday night.

I have quite a few exciting things coming up. As I have got myself out there more more opportunities have presented themselves. I have made and solidified really good friendships within the trans community. I am really glad to have those people in my life and I am not listing them all, they know who they are.

The series will be called “Hannah’s Transtastic Summer” and will feature blogs recounting the various things I will be getting up to, and some oppportunities probably even I am not aware of at the moment.

The first of the series I will probably kick off on Tuesday. I am making my first official visit to Brighton tomorrow with some friends, and will also be going to Oxford Pride, to support my friends there. Finally I shall be going to Sparkle 2012, the UK’s finest and sparkliest trans gathering for the first time.

Oxford I am particularly looking forward too, as I used to live there, and it will be fab just to hang arond with some wonderful people and have fun..

Also there are all new acts this year at Oxford Pride, including Cassidy Connors, Baby D and Steph Fearon, plus the most wonderful, friendly trans men and women anywhere in the UK and maybe the Earth, the cast of Channel 4’s hit show My Transsexual Summer. Do not miss it. I know James Beaumont and the team have put masses of work into ensuring that Pride will be a party to remember for Oxford and Oxfordshire alike.

Sparkle 2012 I am really excited about having never been to Manchester or Sparkle before. Having lived in Yorkshire though I know the North is very friendly so cannot wait to party with everyone up there!

I anticipate a few trips to London as well. I always feel so free there when I go, I just love the cosmo buzz.

The other big news is, I am going in vision. Not television, no that could be quite a clever or stupid move for someone to put me on TV – you decide!

I am starting my own vlog on YouTube, just as soon as I can get a working webcam. The one at the moment sounds like a dial up modem on illegal substances, Hideous feedback.

The channel will be called HannahBoo3131 which is identical to my Twitter. Follow me on there if you want as well just click the button in the top right corner.

One of the other thing I am planning is an Q&A either on here or on YouTube, so get behind the YouTube channel once it is up and running.

Finally, thank you for all your support once again. It means a lot, the power of writing. I love that writing can support and inspire others. Letting you into a secret it inspires me – to keep on keeping on.


Love to all,

Hannah Buchanan. xxxx


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