The wonderfully funny Christine Burns takes a satirical look at recent events, as the Trans Cabal strive for world domination.

Just Plain Daft


Leaders of a shadowy Transgender Cabal have been spotted recently, viewing potential office space to accommodate their unstoppable growth.

The leaders of this secretive but very powerful group, which constantly plots new and increasingly devious means to attack law-abiding people, are believed to have access to immense wealth, and to hold considerable power.

Their rise is a threat to the peaceful and law-abiding journalists, social commentators, clinicians, neighbourhood youths, publicans and taxi drivers whom they target.


The transgender lobby has occupied the top six floors of the Canary Wharf tower in East London until now.

From there, crack teams of ‘activists’ have trawled the Internet with sophisticated search tools, looking for any hint of a word out of place, which they could take monstrous offence to.

Field squads are also controlled from this point. The job of these operatives is to walk down streets, use buses and generally inhabit…

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