I’ve mentioned my outer space loving daughter on this blog before and written about how I get annoyed when assumptions are made about outer space being a male domain. An example of this was when my girl brought home a book from school that referred to a spaceman, I sent a note back in her homework book telling them that we’d discussed why ‘astronaut’ was a much better word.

Unsurprisingly I’ve been getting on Lynx’s case about their latest ad campaign. I wouldn’t want my child to see any of their adverts at any time – children don’t understand ‘irony’ – but these outer space ads suggest that all astronauts are male. Lynx Space Academy is a chance for 22 people to go into space. Buzz  Aldrin, (almost wrote Buzz Lightyear, parent brain), has been recruited to lead the campaign and there are also a string of adverts which consist of women salivating over…

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