Ten Reasons Why I Support Caroline Criado-Perez

1. She is kind and compassionate

2. She has convictions.

3. Abuse does not discriminate, and is in evidence across all social classes. However, no woman in ANY social class is more or less deserving of abuse because of their membership or lack thereof of a class  grouping.

4. No woman deserves these volumes of abuse.

5. The world needs free thinkers and people who challenge the status quo.

6. Due to Caroline, there has been a massive re-appraisal of the way we both use and consume social media.

7. All of us are human;the majority of us utter a few swear words.

8. Her powerful speech at the Women’s Aid Conference.

9 . She is intelligent and funny. Also, she is genuine.

10. In person, she is a thoroughly decent and compassionate friend.

The attacks on her are baseless, and the threats despicable.


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