Madiba, Nelson, brother, my hero

As strong as a Column

As passionate as a love story

Through the years of incarcernation, you did not resile, nor give up.

The chains of your body did not extend to your mind

Sharp, and eloquent, you did not do what was best

You did not do what the world wanted

You did what was right for your people

Through the acrid foul stench of discrimination

You were hope

Black and white not separate but equal but human

Neither inferior, both human

Those who die, we remember.

But through your birth Madiba you changed history.

Your first breath could not attest to your greatness.

Your last breath attested to your legacy.

No segregation, and no discrimination, and no to racism.

Prisoner to President, you live in our hearts and I love you still.

Rest in Peace, Madiba.

In terms of prose, I can do no better than to reproduce these words from my college friend, Jamie.

Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished’. Nelson Mandela.Now that your flame has been extinguished, you have the chance to rest in peace, the prisoner who became the President, through your courage, determination and willingness to forgive, you inspired so many people around the world engaged in their own struggles for freedom, although there is much work still left to do, your leadership ensured that South Africa did not descend into full scale civil war and bloodshed, for that and so much more we are forever grateful. I hope wherever you are, you tell everyone who gave their lives to the anti-apartheid struggle,for racial equality and freedom, amongst them, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Ruth First and so many other people whose names we never knew, whose faces we never saw, that their fight was not in vain.

Rest in peace Madiba (1918-2013). Xxx

Thanks Jamie. I’d like to end this tribute with a song by the South African singer Brenda Fassie, whose words are powerful, and remind us of the undignified and brutal way Nelson Mandela was treated, just for the colour of his skin.
I’d like to thank my carer for sending me the song.
Listen to the lyrics. I defy you not to cry. How could this ever be considered. Mandela liberated many people. Many people have warned against romanticising him in death. Were it not for him though, the stench of mindless racism would stil be toxic in South Africa.
You not only taught your country to be better, you made the world better too. Thank you Nelson Mandela.

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